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Index to Hebrew Periodicals - WWW version

Access to the IHP web catalog is by subscription only (site-license, IP-recognition basis). Authorized subscribers may click: Index to Hebrew Periodicals to enter. For subscription information click here.

The database currently contains over 715,000 items, including:
 1) The Index to Hebrew Periodicals, 1977 to date;
 2) Eretz Israel Data Base (Earlier and non-Hebrew materials);
 3) Tel-Hai Index to Israeli Newspapers, 1985-1992, 1994-1997 (selective);
 4) Bar-Ilan University Index to Newspaper Literary Supplements, 1985-2005 (selective).

The WWW version of the Index to Hebrew Periodicals is compatible with the Unicode standard. This means that special character alphabets (such as Hebrew), which are outside the range of the standard western European-language character sets, can be searched and displayed without the need to install special Hebrew fonts. To work properly with Unicode, your browser must be able to interpret UTF-8 characters and have a suitable Unicode font installed (see below). Currently, the IHP web catalog supports only Microsoft's Internet Explorer® browser, version 5 or higher.

If you do not have a UTF-8-enabled browser, the special characters either do not display at all, or display incorrectly.

Your browser (Internet Explorer 5 or higher) should automatically detect the use of Unicode. If it does not, click here for help.

Authorized subscribers may click: Index to Hebrew Periodicals to enter.

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last updated: 13 July 2006