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The Israel Union List of Serials (ULS-Israel) project lists over 100,000 different serial titles held by over 170 Israeli academic, special and public libraries and collections. The serials cover all fields and languages. ULS-Israel is based on reports submitted by the libraries participating in the project. In addition, the catalog contains the MALMAD members electronic subscriptions. The ULS is edited and administered by the Union List staff based at the National Library of Israel.


To access the online catalog click here:

to save the access address, use:  http://uli.nli.org.il/libnet/uls


Each library has an identifying code. These codes can be used to locate library addresses and other contact information. For a full list of ULS participant libraries click here. 


Electronic Resource Monthly Update reports can be found here. 



Each library's code is followed by its holding statement.   Square brackets indicate an incomplete set, for example:

HAI: U. of Haifa:  3-5,1953-55;[6-7,1956-57];9,1959-  current

For further information, contact:
Veronika Leshchiner
Union List of Serials
The National Library of Israel
Tel: 074-7336242
email: Veronika.Leshchiner@nli.org.il

last updated: 30 April 2009