Z39.50 Accessing the Union List of Israel

Accessing Israeli aleph-500 databases using the z39.50 protocol

A number of Israeli databases and library catalogs are accessible using the z39.50 protocol. While the search and retrieval codes are common to all, the access information is different for each one.

Currently available are:

The Israel Union List (ULI)

The Israel Union List (ULI) contains MARC21 format cataloging records from all the university libraries of Israel as well as the national library and many college and special libraries.
Cataloging is according to general Israeli standards in that Roman character works follow AACR2 (with some exceptions in Judaica) and Hebrew and Arabic works are cataloged in the original languages without romanization. A variety of classification and subject heading systems are found. There is no de-duping or authority control in ULI.
For browsing, ULI can also be accessed via: http://merhav.nli.org.il/primo_library/libweb/action/search.do?&vid=ULI

Z39.50 access details:

General Details:
Name of Database: ULI02
Host name: uli.nli.org.il
IP address:
Port: 9991

National Library Name Authority File

NNL10 - The National Library Name Authority File currently contains about 267,000 name authority records for persons, corporate bodies and uniform title headings. It does not contain records for series or subject headings. Records are in four scripts: Latin (approx. 179,000 records), Hebrew (66,000 records), Arabic (10,000 records) and Cyrillic (12,000 records).
As with most older Israeli catalogs, many of the records were originally created in pre-MARC format, and often in upper case. Automated conversions and upgrades over the years have improved this data greatly, but not all records have been individually checked for coding accuracy yet. This is an ongoing process and user input is welcome.
Romanized Hebrew headings are created according to Academy of the Hebrew Language Romanization rules.

Z39.50 access details:

General Details:
Name of Database: NNL10
Host name: uli.nli.org.il
IP address:
Port: 9991

A list of common Z39.50 codes available in the catalog bases:

TypeMeaningZ39.50 Value
wordgeneral word1016
wordgeneral word1017
wordword from author1
wordword from author1003
wordword from author1004
wordword from title4
wordword from subject21
wordword from year30
wordword from year31
wordsystem number12
wordULI number48
phrasesystem number12
phraseULI number48

last updated: 17 Jan 2014